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The MUABot

Vanessa's Napkin Diagram

The makeup industry is worth 445 billion dollars today. Just think of how much make up is wasted. How many times do we mess up only to wipe off hundreds of dollars a year?

An Expensive and Time Consuming Process

The everyday woman spends countless hours and spends so much money a month trying to achieve the perfect look. What if you can program a robot to give you the perfect contour after you have applied your foundation to your face. What if you could get that perfect contour every day? Therefore, I have created the MUABot. The Perfect Makeup assistant for the everyday woman.

An Automated Solution

This Robot would have to be programed to fit the person who will be using it. Setting the origin points to the specific persons face. Measuring the frame of her face. Knowing how far her eyes are apart from one another or where she likes her highlight. If it’s an evening look where she would use bronzer. There would be changes of tools to achieve the desired look. There would be a switch so the robot would know if the user is trying to achieve a day or night look before (6pm or after 6PM). All she would have to do when the MUABot is done is apply a Lipstick

This Robot will start the user off with a face of foundation and end with the perfect contoured look every time saving the user time as well as money because so much product is usually wasted.

The MUABot