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Welcome to Industrial Robotics & Automation!

This Wiki has been set up by Michael Eagan to help assist with learning FANUC's HandlingTool Operations and Programming. While the intention is to help the Erie Community College students of the Mechatronics program, it is freely available to anyone wishing to learn about the use of FANUC robots.

For Students

You'll want to start out with the Course Page, as it is a structured and ordered list of what can be done based on prerequisite understanding of FANUC programming. About 90% of the course materials are available on this site.

For Educators

I welcome comments and edits to the educational materials, as well as any original work you may wish to submit. To become a contributor, contact me at and I will create an account for you.

Check out the page on Open Educational Resources!

For Developers

The Developers page lists various projects for using the FANUC industrial robots in interesting and creative ways. At this time the developers page is empty as information is compiled, but will soon include schematics and code for cost-effective I/O interfaces in an educational environment, TP programs for running the robots as 3D printers, and preconfigured software for free open-source HMIs.

Welcome to the wiki!

This site is not sponsored or endorsed by any company in any way. It is not my intent to distribute copyrighted materials. We cannot host copies of manuals or software without expressed written permission from their creator.

The pages themselves are original works - but the labs, images, videos, and some reference sheets may be found materials online. If you are the creator of any of these materials, we thank you greatly.

If you for whatever reason wish us to remove your content, you can send proof of ownership to and I will review it and take action to comply.

Check Out The Projects Page!

There is an Example Projects page detailing some of the examples used in the course as well as many of the student projects. As a note, many contain videos that may use considerable data if you are on cellular.

References, Communities, Useful Pages

The Communities and Sites page is a good resource for finding more information.

We've got a page for Automation Videos that is packed with interesting and informative videos and looping gifs of automation processes.