Robot Types Homework Assignment

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Differentiating types of robots


There are many types and styles of robots used to perform tasks, and even more robotics companies competing to best fulfill the demands of industry. This assignment will familiarize you with what is available, but keep in mind that robotics is an ever growing and changing field.


Research the different types of robots, comparing and contrasting their features, benefits, and limitations. Types include but are not limited to Cartesian, SCARA, cylindrical, delta, polar and vertically articulated. 


Find one model of each of two chosen types and read through the product sheets of each, and/or watch marketing videos outlining them. Determine what makes each specific robot “special”. You may choose interesting robots such as warehouse drones, 3d printers, or Boston Dynamics creations – just make sure they have the information you need available.


Write a 1 page report comparing and contrasting each of the robots you have chosen. The report should note the brand and model of each, their features, their range, speed, how they are programmed, and an example of where it would be used. You may include features that are optional, such as safety systems, collaboration with workers, or software available to the customer. You may include a picture of the robots, at the size shown at the top of this page.


Prepare to present the robots you have chosen in an in-class roundtable discussion. Assume the robot you have chosen is unique and your classmates have not researched your robot type. Examples of questions asked would be “how fast can it go?” and “how easy is it to program?” and “Can it be used to make pancakes?”


A rubric will be given the following class to evaluate the quality of work submitted and knowledge demonstrated during discussion.