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Robotic Dialer (RD)

Often times a person can be about their daily business and out of the blue, one receives a phone

call and without really looking at the phone number we answer the phone only to find out that we

are speaking to a robotic voice. Whether trying to contact a company about personal business or

getting called from a company, it is usually done by a robot.

An Automated Solution

Most calls are now done by an automated dialer done by a robot. My project will simulate a

robotic dialing system. Numbers will be stored in registers and feed through switches that will

guide the robot into dialing the phone numbers that are stored. Using a hot dog that will simulate

a finger in touching the keypad on the cell phone screen. Various options such as pressing zero

(0) for the operator, one (1) for the claims department, or enter the extension number for the

person you are trying to contact.