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Diagnostics Robot

The robot will accomplish setting the digital multimeter to perform resistance or continuity tests. This will allow the end user to check components for resistance or continuity figures on multiple components.

Health Concerns

While utilizing a robot this should prevent repetitive motion injuries, hazards of an arc flash event, and fatigue from injuring the individual performing the tests, producing 100% incident free and measurements that are repeatable for strict analysis. This utilization of the robot could also be used on an assembly line to test circuits on circuit boards, electrical components before leaving manufacturing facilities, or as I have intended to test systems in potentially hazardous conditions.

A Modern Automated Solution

The utilization of robots to increase safety in dangerous situations has increased significantly in the past 25 years. One example I can compare to for the danger involved would be a robot used in a bomb squad to remove the hazardous item(s) while keeping the operator 100% safe. Another example is the Moon/Mars rovers to keep astronauts safe from dangerous exposure and exhaustion due to the extreme environment. Robots don’t get fatigued like humans they don’t make errors due to exhaustion, or lack of concentration.

You can always replace a material object, such as a robot, hand tool or a multimeter however you can’t replace a person.

List of required tasks

Diagnostics Trainer

Generalization statement:

To utilize a robot to perform tests that could be hazardous to technician without concerns of

inaccurate data and health and wellness of employee.

First required task:

Turn the multimeter on and set to desired setting (continuity or resistance)

Second required task:

Pick test leads from multimeter station and place in desired component test ports

Third required task:

Turn rheostat or press momentary switch to test desired component function

Fourth required task:

Remove multimeter leads from component and place them back at multimeter station

Fifth required task:

Turn multimeter off

Sixth required task:

Return robot to home position and wait for future Digital Inputs to activate next desired task