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The McFredrick Bot

Fredrick's Napkin Drawing

At the pick hours in burgers shops, customers spend most of their valuable time waiting for their orders because the person(s) at the counter got overwhelmed by the service.

Thus, this idea of customer hamburger machine came as outstanding to reduce the amount of waiting time. The robot will, with great precision and fast, pick hamburger ingredients from four different positions and make finished burger ready to pass on to the customer. For our demonstration purpose we will blocks or small plates representing burger ingredients.

Flow and Structure

  1. Set home position
  2. Robot move to pick from first position
  3. Approach
  4. Pick the ingredient
  5. Retract
  6. Move to the placing position
  7. Approach
  8. Place the ingredient
  9. Retract
  10. Next ingredient to be picked
  11. (Input)
  12. Yes
  13. Go to Home position
  14. Second ingredient to be picked? (Input)
  15. Yes
  16. Go to pick at second pick position
  17. Approach
  18. Pick the 2nd layer ingredient
  19. Retract
  20. Move to the placing position
  21. Approach
  22. Place the ingredient
  23. Retract
  24. Third ingredient to be picked?
  25. (Input)
  26. Yes
  27. Go to Home position
  28. Third ingredient to pick? (Input)
  29. Yes
  30. Go to 3rd pick position
  31. Approach
  32. Pick
  33. Retract
  34. move to the placing position
  35. Approach
  36. Place the Place the ingredient
  37. Retract
  38. Last ingredient
  39. to be picked
  40. (Input)
  41. Yes
  42. Move to Home Position
  43. Got to last position of pick up (Input)
  44. Approach position
  45. Pick
  46. Retract
  47. Move to placing Position
  48. Approach
  49. Place the ingredient
  50. Retract
  51. Next ingredient to be picked?
  52. No
  53. Press Reset button
  54. Robot moves to Home
  55. position
  56. End