From Industrial Robotics & Automation - Fanuc Teach Pendant Programming

Program will begin with a pre-placed stack of colored blocks which will contain a random color order. First arm will pick up blocks and set them on the conveyor. There will be a guide attached to the conveyor to endure the blocks stay in a uniform position while traveling down the conveyor.

Sorting and Palleting

At the end of the conveyor there will be two sensors. A proximity sensor will detect the presence of a block to initalize the movements of the second robot. The other sensor will detect the color (red, green, or blue) of the block. Blocks will be stacked with like colors and will be stacked to simulate a pallet. There will be multiple tiers to each "pallet" and each tier will be stacked in a fashion to aid support and stack integrity.

There will be a predetermined amount of blocks to be stacked. The first robot will stop after placing said specified number. Once there are no more blocks on the conveyor, the second robot will stop also.