Chain Link Automation

From Industrial Robotics & Automation - Fanuc Teach Pendant Programming

This gif is not only interesting, it shows in great detail a dozen separate actions working together to make chain.

Click on the image to see the gif in large format.

A machine feeds rod stock into the whole setup.

A cutter removes the length required to make a single link.

An arm moves over to the newly cut rod.

A grabber on the arm closes to pick up the tool.

The arm moves to put the cut rod piece into the previous link.

The arm on the right moves to make sure the cut rod is exactly at the correct position, in case the arm was imprecise. It then moves out of the way.

Rollers push the rod around a form, creating the chain link shape. They go halfway, then finish in sequence because they need to over-roll to ensure a proper shape.

The rollers are retracted as a grabber picks up the newly formed chain link, the form is reset, and the new link becomes the previous link for the next cycle to repeat.