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My program is going to be able to move pieces on a checker board. Through switches and offsets the robot will be able to move pieces to a specific point. It will also be able to discard pieces that are taken out as a result of play. It will also be able to king pieces when it is necessary.

Automation Solution

With switches you’ll be able to simulate binary code to be able to tell the robot which pieces need to be picked up. And with the offset you’ll be able to send that piece to a specific point. With sensors and switches the robot will be able to differ between colors and discard colors to specific discard piles when prompted to do so. When its time to king a piece with the throw of a switch and the use of sensors the robot will be able to tell what color the piece is and where it needs to go to pick up from the discard pile to then take back to the designated piece that needs to be kinged.